About us


Renovare is a company interested in promoting the environment by reducing waste. We aim to accomplish this by re-cycling/re-using plastic bottles (pet) to form a unique style of shoe that gives a second life to waste.

We use natural leather, processed with vegetable products for the manufacturing of this product.

We use 7.5 plastic bottles (PET) to manufacture this product.

We use water-based adhesives to ensemble the upper & the sole, having zero second effects to the person who is making the product.


Line Cronos


Line Hera


Line Gea


Line Poseidon


The things you could do for the planet

Our Foundation

Foundation Piix Teep’ Na’ Lu’ Um Kaab (Maya)

Making the shoes and helping the environment wasn’t enough for us, we wanted to reach more people. Because of this we created a plan to transcend based on our philosophy, “if you plant a seed in the kid’s imagination their dreams can come to life for their benefit & the planet. They are the hope & the future” this is how the Piix teep’ na’ lu um kaab AC, (which means to give shelter to the mother earth, in the Maya dialect) which we chose to honor our roots.

“Check your conscience prior to taking action” J.C.


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