Line Cronos


  • Ecological Boots
  • Men Premium Bottle Pet

90% Pet Upper, made with 8 bottles of pet post use plastic. Made over a “non-woven” material, that generates an isolation which helps to maintain foot comfort with an ideal temperature.

Other benefits:

With this technology, the shoe provides better breathing, keeping your feet dry. It’s hypoallergenic and non-irritating when in contact with the skin. It’s also antibacterial, preventing the reproduction of bacteria when is use. Shoelaces made with 50% cotton & 50% nylon with a short fiber that helps keep the shoe tied. We apply natural leather, processed with 100% biodegradable vegetable products, giving a vanguard style look. We use water based adhesive, to assemble the sole and the Upper, preventing the exposure of harmful chemicals to our employees. It has a caucho sole, for more traction & durability. 15% of recyclable caucho.